Classic Application Insights Will Be Retired Soon, but What Do I Need to Do With Sitecore Managed Cloud?

Classic Application Insights is set to retire February 29th, 2024 and Administrators are encouraged to migrate to workspace-based Application Insights as soon as possible. But what does this mean for Sitecore Managed Cloud environments?


In Short, Nothing… Maybe

That's a load off. But seriously, with Sitecore Managed Cloud the line between what your Administrators manage, and what is managed for you can be a little fuzzy.  Certainly, there are a lot of customers who are under the impression that security patches are applied automatically for their organization, but this isn't true and should be managed internally.

To be sure of who will take ownership of this needed migration, I contacted the support team at Sitecore, who confirmed their development teams are working on the proper steps for migration and there will be no action needed from customers.

Now the maybe part, is they have stated a communique might come out if post-migration actions are required on the customer's end. If there are, I'll post them here to ensure readers get the information.