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Today I was adding a project to our Helix solution, and was a little surprised to see the instance break after first deployment. The fix was simple but nowhere near straightforward.

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One of my favourite tools in Sitecore development is the Hedgehog's Sitecore Package Deployer. Having Azure DevOps drop TDS's packages into your instances automates a complete update for you! I've covered how to implement this in my past post, Complete Guide to Deployment Automation, and it's a really reliable method unless something interrupts the process like we had happen last week. So, what happened and how do we fix it?

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Our typical scaled Sitecore environments will consist of anywhere between 4-6 instances, depending on pre or post version 9, so being able to automate updates to them certainly saves a lot of time. The time required to perform a conventional package installation and to extract the updated files and drop them into delivery instances becomes costly over many months for larger engagements, so using the tools we have available to us is a necessity. Today I'm going to provide a complete guide for setting this up using HedgeHog TDS and Azure Devops.

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