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One thing you'll be familiar with in Sitecore Managed Cloud is Application Insights, which is going to give you access to the log lines Sitecore produces. My first impression of this was, how do I sift through all this garbage? We'll here's how.

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Ok, using Falcon Heavy's engines as my banner is a little dramatic, but time is money, and having staff wait for Sitecore restarts can add up over an engagement of several months. I'm constantly looking for more ways to speed process up, so I've put together a couple of tips on speeding things along.

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There's no reason why you shouldn't be bundling your assets as it cuts down on requests by your Users. One thing about it, is the bundles are defined in the BudleConfig class on application startup. This means you have to re-deploy if the bundles need changing, so let's use Sitecore Config and Pipelines instead.

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