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Today we had a report that a page was missing online. Expecting this was a simple fix I looked at publishing restrictions and published the item myself, but it didn't show up. Interesting issue, and the fix was sneaky but not overly difficult to find and rectify. Let's review the steps I took, and if you don't know what standard fields are, this will be something new for you.

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Each of my scaled environments will have at least two publishing targets. Yes, you can use Sitecore's preview tools, but this has its limitations. After decades of working with marketing teams I can say it's always a good idea to have a private URL, only available to the company, where they can review pending changes for an upcoming campaign etc., without having to log in.

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To remove an item from your site you need to first publish it as unpublishable or publish its parent with all subitems opted in. We'll go through these steps plus a way your Administrator can help you if all else fails. 

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