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Out of all the Sitecore projects we've rolled out, I've never had an issue around hard drive space. Our latest client launched their MVP phase a couple months ago, and to my surprise I got a drive space alert in Azure Managed Cloud. After a few checks it turns out the mediaIndexing folder is the offending party, and at 150gb+, that's a big offense!

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With any project there comes a time when we grant access to the client's authors. I guess that's the whole point of a CMS, right? But during this transition period I always keep an eye on the Content Management instance's performance to ensure everything is running as it should be, and excessive publishing is a common issue we have to address.

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Do you need to find out what just happened with some Sitecore items? Authenticated Users such as Authors have their activities logged, so what you want is an easy way to get to this information. There's a couple of tools that are easy to use so let's have a look at them.

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