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In our latest project I have been storing an instance of an object in the User's session, which can be recycled on each page load and cuts down load times but 60%. This simple model, which of course must be decorated with [Serializable] or you'll get the error “Type 'xxx' in Assembly 'xxx, Version=...' is not marked as serializable”, has a bunch of reference data pertaining to the User's location. So, when I added some additional data which changed the class, Redis didn't like that. Not. One. Bit.

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Sitecore won't handle a page request as a 404 if the context language is missing. So, what this means, is your Users will just see  a blank page should the item exist in English but there's no French version, and they're requesting the French page. We need to override HttpRequestProcessor and  ExecuteRequest to make this a friendly experience for your Users. Let's get started!

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