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Usually when you see a syntax error in console your first intuition is to check latest front-end code changes, but this can actually template authoring! Yeah, it's something Sitecore can fix quite easily, but for not, here's a tip on how to identify and resolve this situation.

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Part of managing your hosted Sitecore instance is going to be configuring Disaster Recovery. When provisioned, the out-of-the-box filters provided by Sitecore will likely not be enough to avoid errors, so it should be updated to exclude some big areas. In this post, I share what had to be added to that default filter.

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We recently rolled out a new Sitecore implementation where GeoIp was used. I'm proud of this one because we developed a neat geospatial lookup with caching that was quite efficient. All went well through QA, UAT, and even Production environment testing. Once live though, it was a different story.

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