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It's safe to say the one thing on almost everyone's mind lately is, how do we get our websites modernized so they remain under support, and even better, headless and in the cloud. Like many of you, I recently drew up the roadmap for such an effort for a bunch of supported clients. In one project, I'll be upgrading my company's v9.1 managed cloud multisite instance to XM Cloud-based v10.x. When the words “full rewrite” hit our stakeholders, the request was to break this down into digestible chunks, so it could be dispersed across a couple budget cycles.

So here we are. This is the first installment in my series called, “The Road to Headless”.

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I recently migrated a project to a new environment, only to find that rendering a date field was inconsistently working. Not Sitecore's fault, but I've never seen this before, and I know as a seasoned developer I should have all (ok most) of the answers. It's a good catch and I wanted to share.

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