Configuring EXM's SMTP Settings

There's a lot of times where I just need to get a feature operational so other members on my team can run with it, and EXM is no exception. Today, I just needed to ensure that this tool can send a campaign and no errors were showing up in the Exm.log files.

Working with a new Sitecore 9.1 instance, I simply dropped the following patch file into the App_Config folder (\App_Config\Include\Feature\Feature.EXM.config) of our Content Management server, configured with the right information to meet our needs. Dropping this file in place will of course restart the Sitecore instance, so make sure it's not in use.

<configuration xmlns:patch="" xmlns:role="" xmlns:eds=""></configuration>  <sitecore role:require="Standalone or ContentManagement or DedicatedDispatch" eds:require="CustomSmtp">
          <smtpSettings patch:instead="*[@type='Sitecore.EDS.Core.Net.Smtp.SmtpSettings, Sitecore.EDS.Core']" type="Sitecore.EDS.Core.Net.Smtp.SmtpSettings, Sitecore.EDS.Core" singleInstance="true">
              <proxySettings ref="exm/eds/proxySettings" />

There's a few configuration options that go beyond this example, which are all documented at the EXM configuration settings page at Sitecore.  

Once this configuration change has been applied you'll want to check to ensure a connection has been established to your Delivery Provider. Navigate to the Email node in the Content Editor (/sitecore/content/Email), and hit that Test Connection button in the ribbon. 

If all goes well, you get this sweet green arrow saying all is a-ok!