Creating a Custom Report with Advanced System Reporter

You may have read my post about using the Advanced System Reporter module which is available in the Sitecore Marketplace, so if you're a fan of what it can do then you're going to eventually create your own custom reports. Well you're in the right place so let's get started!

 We're going to make a simple report that lists event items based on a query. A report requires a Scanner, which finds the items you want to report on, and a Viewer which defines what field data is displayed. I'm going to take the lazy path and duplicate items already installed by the module and tweak it as required. 

The Scanner

Here you see the item has a simple query which will return 4 events items I've created based off the Sample Item template that comes with a fresh install. You can replace the path with {root} which will then prompt the User for a selection of the base point.

The Viewer

This item defines what will be displayed when the report is executed. I'm using the provided ItemViewer, which has some pretty standard columns defined. Usually you would want to create a new viewer and define your own columns, which is a very simple process.

The Report

And here we have a report. You can see that you'll want to define your own viewer in a real-world application. The report can be exported to Excel, CSV, XML, and a Desktop Link can be created for easier access.

There's a lot more to this module, such as defining actions to kick users, extending it to meet your needs as source is provided, etc.