Webinar: Getting Your Ducks in a Row for Content Driven Development

I've written about the idea of Content Driven Development, where the focus is on getting your CMS ready for input earlier I the project's timelines. This is a pivotal change to how most sites are developed, but much more efficient for the team overall when content automation is not possible, and timelines are tight.

After getting a lot of messages about how to flip everything on its head, I decided to conduct an online seminar to go through an exercise where we take a vanilla install of Sitecore and build a couple pages, create content. You can then see how most of the development for design, breakpoints, etc. can happen in parallel with content creation. We can even strip away inline instructions for authors that will not be there once components have matured.

Contact me to be added to the list! I will be sending an invitation once we have a good number of attendees.