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Sitecore Managed Cloud can be a lot of things for an organization, saving a great deal of time and expense having offloaded numerous tasks and resources. One important step that's still up to you, is restricting access to non-delivery resources. Today we're going to cover doing this, along with some automation using PowerShell.

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One thing you'll be familiar with in Sitecore Managed Cloud is Application Insights, which is going to give you access to the log lines Sitecore produces. My first impression of this was, how do I sift through all this garbage? We'll here's how.

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Our typical scaled Sitecore environments will consist of anywhere between 4-6 instances, depending on pre or post version 9, so being able to automate updates to them certainly saves a lot of time. The time required to perform a conventional package installation and to extract the updated files and drop them into delivery instances becomes costly over many months for larger engagements, so using the tools we have available to us is a necessity. Today I'm going to provide a complete guide for setting this up using HedgeHog TDS and Azure Devops.

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