The Publish Page URL Module for Sitecore Now Offers Media Library Support!

About a year ago I released the Published Page URL module, which shows authors the actual public URL for pages - something that Sitecore doesn't do. Well, now it supports media library items, allowing you to get the final URL for PDFs, Documents, etc. in multisite, multilingual environments.

This feature has operated under the context of navigable pages, referencing the public domain based on its path in the Content Tree. It also offers different domains based on language, like we have with some clients.


Media Library Support

Not long ago a client asked for this feature to be in the media library, and I thought, what a great idea! Since the media library is not tied to any single site, I configured this to be a list of URLs for any possibility. As a media item is loaded, the module will reference the list of Root URLs from the configuration file, and display them based on a new "sort order" attribute. 

<rooturls hint="raw:LoadRootUrls">
    <rooturl sitename="website" language="en" sortorder="1" url=""></rooturl>
    <rooturl sitename="website2" language="en" sortorder="2" url=""></rooturl>
    <rooturl sitename="website3" language="en" sortorder="3" url=""></rooturl>

 You can see in the configuration file there's also settings for the Section Title, URL Label, and if you want the URLs auto linked or not. These are all independent from the original options for pages so there's some flexibility in what you can have for your authors. Here you can see an example of a three-site instance. Pick whichever one you want!:

I'm happy to see this module is being used all over the world, and making it even better is something I'm always looking forward to. I'd appreciate any feedback or feature enhancements you might have in mind. Drop me a line!