Who Did What? Auditing the Actions of Sitecore Authors Is Easy with These Simple Tools.

Do you need to find out what just happened with some Sitecore items? Authenticated Users such as Authors have their activities logged, so what you want is an easy way to get to this information. There's a couple of tools that are easy to use so let's have a look at them.

Advanced System Reporter

You can read about using the ASR module in my previous post. Today what we're going to talk about are the options that provide some data related to what people are doing with your items.

The Audit User report allows you to view a User's activity with the option to filter down from the entire history to just the last 7 days, 2 days, or 1 day. You can also choose to only view the following actions rather than everything they have done:

  • Check in
  • Execute workflow command
  • Insert rules
  • Log in or out
  • Log in only
  • Log out only
  • Recycle an item
  • Remove a link
  • Save an item
  • Edit templates

The Item History report allows you to view an item's history. Beyond the item you select, you can also choose to report on its children or descendants, and limit results to the current version of an item or all versions. 

The Sitecore Log Analyzer

Available in the Sitecore Marketplace, this program will allow you to scour your instance's logs for audit entries. Just point to the log location and Analyze. You can choose to select on the user and action you're interested in. The date selections for audition have better control here than the ASR module, but you can't export the results to Excel like it can't.

There's a plethora of other options in this tool, such as viewing all Errors, Warnings, Health Monitor, Raw View and once again being able to filter down to a specific date and time.

Other Options

There are other modules out there that can provide auditing on an item directly from an item's commands in the editor ribbon, but the installation is far too complicated than it's worth. What you've seen here provides the same funcionality with very low effort.