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If you've read my article, Providing External Access for the Xp Single Developer Installation, you'd know there was some certificate work to be done. Well, today's the day I need to replace these certs with new ones, so let's walk through the steps together.

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Ok, using Falcon Heavy's engines as my banner is a little dramatic, but time is money, and having staff wait for Sitecore restarts can add up over an engagement of several months. I'm constantly looking for more ways to speed process up, so I've put together a couple of tips on speeding things along.

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Ok if that title isn't clear enough, let me try again. Our new site has a dedicated domain for each language, so we need to configure the language switcher to point to a FQDN instead of a relative path. There are a few ways to do this, like using configs, but I'm going to show you show to manage this using the site's root node. We're going to also redirect to the right language when context isn't available using IIS.

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