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Sitecore won't handle a page request as a 404 if the context language is missing. So, what this means, is your Users will just see  a blank page should the item exist in English but there's no French version, and they're requesting the French page. We need to override HttpRequestProcessor and  ExecuteRequest to make this a friendly experience for your Users. Let's get started!

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Sitecore Managed Cloud can be a lot of things for an organization, saving a great deal of time and expense having offloaded numerous tasks and resources. One important step that's still up to you, is restricting access to non-delivery resources. Today we're going to cover doing this, along with some automation using PowerShell.

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Advanced System Reporter used to be my go-to module for running content reports, but support for this module ended a while ago and it's time to look for something new. Sitecore PowerShell is a massively powerful tool, used for countless reasons when managing a Sitecore instance. I could write a few dozen posts covering all the possibilities, but today I'm only going to show you show to generate a simple content report.

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