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What if you could save loads of project time by have your development and content teams work in parallel during the implementation of a CMS site, instead of worrying about that great big line in the sand where the keys are finally handed over? You can, by using the Content Driven Development Model. Save big bucks! Keep your staff happy! Come one, come all, and learn more!

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About a year ago I released the Published Page URL module, which shows authors the actual public URL for pages - something that Sitecore doesn't do. Well, now it supports media library items, allowing you to get the final URL for PDFs, Documents, etc. in multisite, multilingual environments.

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Redirects can be managed in a few different ways, but when a client asked for hundreds of them to be authorable off the home page, well, that took my favourites out of the option list. This request is a little unique with the solution leveraging buckets and RedirectOnItemNotFound. 

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