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When setting up a greenfield project I just love to see the sea of standard Sitecore home pages cascaded across my monitors as every instance in every environment comes online. I feel like Tom Hanks yelling, “Look what I have created!”, and after the first 20 times of doing so in the office I got “The talk”. But it's not unusual to see a slow start which typically boils down to a connection or permission error. This can be quickly identified and dealt with by just checking the logs, and performance counters is no stranger to this exercise.

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Sitecore's EXM won't be able to send mail until it's configured to connect to a Delivery Provider, but the good news is a simple patch file will do the trick! 

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You may have read my post about using the Advanced System Reporter module which is available in the Sitecore Marketplace, so if you're a fan of what it can do then you're going to eventually create your own custom reports. Well you're in the right place so let's get started!

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