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There's no reason why you shouldn't be bundling your assets as it cuts down on requests by your Users. One thing about it, is the bundles are defined in the BudleConfig class on application startup. This means you have to re-deploy if the bundles need changing, so let's use Sitecore Config and Pipelines instead.

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To remove an item from your site you need to first publish it as unpublishable or publish its parent with all subitems opted in. We'll go through these steps plus a way your Administrator can help you if all else fails. 

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Our typical scaled Sitecore environments will consist of anywhere between 4-6 instances, depending on pre or post version 9, so being able to automate updates to them certainly saves a lot of time. The time required to perform a conventional package installation and to extract the updated files and drop them into delivery instances becomes costly over many months for larger engagements, so using the tools we have available to us is a necessity. Today I'm going to provide a complete guide for setting this up using HedgeHog TDS and Azure Devops.

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