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Since the release of Sitecore 9+ we're seeing a lot of people posting in forums cases where they see errors related to indexes not found. Correcting this Sitecore startup issue was simple to fix once I figured out what's going on, and it's nothing related to indexes at all! 

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There's no reason why you shouldn't be bundling your assets as it cuts down on requests by your Users. One thing about it, is the bundles are defined in the BudleConfig class on application startup. This means you have to re-deploy if the bundles need changing, so let's use Sitecore Config and Pipelines instead.

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An old staple of Sitecore development is a custom logger. Yes, log file analyzers are great like we saw in my previous post, but sometimes you just want that special log where the entries are all yours. They're just for you. It's your own VIP room. Your own “members only” area, where all you see is only what you want to see. Ok enough, let's get started.

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